About Us

Hello! Welcome to Integrate psychology.

Borne out of our desire to make a difference and transform the way we work; together we are a dedicated and passionate team who love being part of the good fight that enables everyone to soar in the workplace!

We believe that all people and organisations can benefit from integrating expert, evidence-based approaches grounded in Psychological science. As Organisational Psychologists, we focus on understanding both individual and organisational behaviour. We do this by getting a detailed understanding of your business and by identifying how it is experienced through your employee’s performance and motivation. Integrating Psychology enables us to consciously and sustainably effect positive change at work and in our lives.    

What we offer

Professional Expertise 

As Chartered Psychologists specialising in optimising the workplace experience, both for individuals and organisations alike. This means that we understand what works to develop and hone great leaders, attract the best and diverse pool of talent, utilise the best methods for selection and assessment, to name a few.  

We have spent years developing and mastering our craft alongside working in the ‘real’ world. We are committed to ensuring that you only receive the highest standard of professional care and ethical conduct. We are regulated by The British Psychological Society and dedicated to our own professional development. Furthermore, we advocate and embrace continuous learning, reflection and supervision to further our practice. 


With this one life, we have chosen to live and breathe our values at work. We are passionate about using our expertise to help you and provide unapparelled support and challenge where necessary. We love connecting with other compassionate human beings to drive positive and lasting change at work; a place where many of us spend daily, years, if not a lifetime.  


Get in touch today, we look forward to working with you. 

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Naomi De Barra