What do you want to be when you grow up? It's the infamous question we all tend to get asked. What if we have a realisation that the path we chose isn’t the one? 


This is one of many challenges we can all face during our working life. We can feel afraid of change because we may have spent a significant amount of time in a role and have no idea what else to do. We can also be bound by the financial constraints of owning a home and ensuring we can provide for our family, for example. 


At Integrate Psychology we believe that we can all achieve satisfaction and joy from our work. We work with you to understand your career journey and develop a path forward to understand and identify your key preferences and assets around interests, skills and values to name a few. Together, we evaluate your key decision criteria to hone in on potential options and develop a plan of action. 

  • Career coaching

  • Psychometrics (personality, ability, interests, values)

  • Outplacement support

  • Career development programs