Nimita Shah


Welcome, my name is Nimita; it’s lovely to have you here. 

For one to soar, it is my belief that everyone should have the right to work in a safe and psychologically enriching workplace. A working environment that is inclusive, intellectually nourishing and dedicated to lifelong learning so that you can experience joy, a sense of belonging and thrive just for being YOU. 

My work as an Organisational Psychologist enables me to do this; I support people and organisations to positively transform the way they work using evidence informed techniques grounded in behavioural science and psychological approaches. I also do this by reflecting deeply, and critically evaluating the real issues at play. I particularly enjoy developing new ways to effect change where science and knowledge are limited.  

I care about affecting positive change in people and organisations. I am committed to making a meaningful difference and with the precious time I have left on this earth, I am wholeheartedly on the side of history that enables us to bring our best selves to work. 


Research Interests

Diversity and Inclusion: I am passionate about the experience and workplace progression of women, people from underrepresented races and backgrounds, neuro-diverse individuals as well as individuals from marginalised groups. 

Critical Discursive Psychology: I am interested in the founding assumptions of psychology and its supposed universal generalisability and the role it plays in colonialism and racism as well as how these impact and play out in organisations. 

Additional research interests include leadership, training, career management and change and selection and assessment. 

Affiliated Regulatory Bodies

British Psychological Society (BPS)

Division of Occupational Psychology

Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP)

Qualified Ability and Personality Test User in Level A and B