Managers have the single biggest impact on people at work. They effect motivation, engagement, attrition, skill development and in turn performance. Understanding what great leadership behaviours look like and giving leaders the opportunity to practice in real time, can enable them to realise their own strengths and leadership preferences.  


We recognise that your first role in management can be overwhelming and one of the most significant steps in your career. We provide new manager training which combines knowledge development through recognised coaching and leadership models alongside attitudes and values development to help you remain authentic in challenging times.


What about when you start managing managers and later join a senior leadership team? These are new challenges, often requiring an ever-changing skill set. We provide experiential training to support agility in difficult situations.


We spend time with clients on a one to one basis helping to identify and overcome specific challenges they are facing, including confidence, stress and making an impact for example..

  • ‘A Baptism of Fire’: New managers training

  • Creating brilliant leaders: second and third line management

  • Career coaching

  • Executive coaching